POP Club!

Enroll your kids in POP Club, and they get $3 every week to spend at the market on any fruits vegetables or food producing plants that they want to buy. It’s free for all children between 5-12 years old.

POP Club empowers kids to make healthy food choices and learn where their food comes from. And it makes the market a fun experience for them (and you!).

They can use their POP dollars to buy old favorites or try something new each week. They can also buy plants to learn about gardening.

Goals of POP Club

  • Increase family participation at our Market.
  • Empower children to explore healthy food options and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Support local farmers.

How it works

  1. Enroll your child by filling out this form or at the Manager’s Tent at the Market. Enrollment starts in May, 2024.
  2. You and your child check in at the Manager’s Tent on any Market day and have your child’s POP Club Passport stamped.
  3. Your child gets $3 to spend on any fruits, vegetables, or food-producing plants they want. Or, your child may save certificates to spend later.
  4. POP Club is not meant to purchase produce for the whole family. It’s meant for kids to buy something for themselves, whether it’s an old favorite or something new (and maybe they’ll share it with everyone)!
  5. POP Bucks expire at the end of each season (October).

Enroll your child now!

Fill out this form, bring it to the market and we’ll create a POP Club Passport that you can sign the first time you bring your child to the Market. Or stop at the Manager’s Tent and fill out the form during the season.

Please read this before enrolling your child:

  • Parents must supervise their children at all times at the Market.
  • There’s always healthy, local produce at the Market, but there’s more and more variety as the season goes on.
  • If your child has food allergies, please be aware of what your child buys, and during any sampling and demonstrations.

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