Countdown to Funtown aka Motif No.1 Day Fest!

M1D is just five days away. Some of you might be tempted to look at the weather report and think a little rain will dampen the fun. If you’re one of those people, take your weather app off your phone RIGHT now, because the rain never stops Motif No.1 Day. In fact, there’s no point in bothering to look up the weather,  because the show will go on and we will celebrate the Motif no matter what. Also, the weather changes from minute-to-minute on Cape Ann so there’s that.

Most likely Saturday will turn out to be a balmy day with an average 70-degree temperature and a lovely breeze blowing off the Old Harbor. Either way, rain or shine, can’t stop won’t stop as the song says. We are ready to have a festival.

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A Glimpse at the Upcoming Red Shed Film Fest

 The Red Shed Film Fest features short films across several genres; read on for a glimpse into the selection process for a few of the featured films, with notes from our Programming Coordinator, Henry Cooper.

Autumn Leaves
Part of the mission of the Red Shed Film Festival is to feature short movies that get to the core of visual storytelling and this vignette from an Iranian filmmaker named Saman Hosseinpuor does just that. Short
and sweet, Autumn Leaves is about a little girl’s perspective as she picks a pomegranate, runs home to get her books, and frolics on her way to school.

Green House

Red Shed Film Festival 2017 is fast approaching! Sustainability and clean living are important in our lives, but no more so than for the Coffman family in the satirical short movie Green House from filmmaker William Coughlin. The Coffman’ s are desperate to win their bid for residency in a new, environmentally-friendly condo. Putting their best face forward, they work to convince a jaded government auditor that their lifestyle makes them worthy of acceptance. But when another couple vies for the same home, a battle for environmental superiority begins.


Gearing up for the M1D Festival!

Now that March is here, our thoughts turn to the Motif No.1 Day Festival, just a few short months away. The award winning Motif No.1 Day 5K & Fun Run is back, with proceeds from the race benefitting Health & Wellness initiatives at Rockport Schools.

Plenty of arts programming is back too, with dance, theater, film, literary events, visual arts and more. M1D focuses on interactive elements, so festival-goers can make art as well as experience it.

Interested in volunteering with the M1D team? Get in touch at We would love to have you join us, whether as part of the planning process leading up to the festival or on the day itself.


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