M1D Fest Motif Memories

Original Motif 1 in the 1950s.

From Sharon Kishida:

Back in the day when Earl and I were young and before kids, we had an annual motif number one day cocktail party on our front porch. The first one was in 1982 and the last one, I think, was in 1987 when I was pregnant with Perry (and the world changed.) We printed up postcards with the iconic motif number one building, and I would put them in the mailboxes of all our neighbors. For those of you who remember Ned Cameron, he was always afraid that the the porch would give out during one of the parties. We did eventually replace the floor boards…


 From Robyn Pregent:

With a month to spare before our wedding, I discovered that we had booked our special day on the same date as Motif #1 Day. My first thought was, “parking – oh no!” and my second thought was to laugh, “this is so perfect – celebrating a Pigeon Cove girl’s love for a South End guy while everyone is celebrating their love for this wonderful town? This is great!”  

Ken and Karin Porter had generously offered the Fish Shack’s upstairs apartment for my bridal shower and also for me to get ready on the big day. There, in the heart of Dock Square, a limo waited below while the 2010 Motif #1 Day celebration was in full swing. I was buzzing with nerves and euphoria as I made my way down the hallway to the waiting car. The noise that had been muffled upstairs was growing louder and it was clear that some serious revelry was going down. There was a brass horn band playing in the square with a large crowd gathered. When I came out onto the street, the scene hit full force — the people, the music, the smiles —  part of the crowd turned its attention to the wedding party and began cheering over the background of the blasting trumpets and celebration. This is a moment I will never, ever forget — to be sent off to the church by this crowd of happy revelers and this rocking festivity made my heart soar. The vibe was so celebratory and upbeat and all the things you want to feel when you are on the way to marry the love of your life.

We took the VERY short ride up to the Congregational Church. Of course those who couldn’t find parking straggled in throughout the service but that’s what you get when you hold a function in downtown Rockport on one of the best days of the year.

Soon after I became aware of the commemorative posters published by the Rockport Exchange and knew I had to have one for our special day. It is framed in our kitchen and when I see it, I am flooded with some of the best memories my brain has managed to keep stored after 10 years and two kids.

I just love that our special day will be forever linked with the celebration of our town and its culture and history that I hold so dear in my heart.