M1D Fest Mixed Media

A huge thank you to the artists who have generously shared their work in honor of Motif No. 1 Day. Please send submissions to rockportexchange01966@gmail.com

Mary Faino
Today is Motif No. 1 Day, and with such beautiful weather Rockport would, in normal times, be filling up with happy visitors. Instead our storefronts are still closed, and Bearskin Neck and the beaches closed to non residents. It’s hard to imagine what summer will look like in this little tourist village. I wanted to mark the day with a picture of the Motif, inspired by the yearly visit to Rockport from the navy. I love the old fashioned sailor uniform, and to me it matches the old fashioned feel of this town. I’ve made prints in a few sizes of this image. Go to The Paper Mermaid for more.

 Sam Nigro
Motif on an Oar

Susan Hough
Seaside Boutique and Beads

Bridget Demaine-Ekstrom
Before the world came to a halt, I was able to attend a cookie convention in Louisville, Kentucky in the end of February. It was awesome! We had a sugar show, where cookie artists around the world submitted cookie entries in different categories. One of the categories was “Home Sweet Home” so of course I had to make a cookie of our beloved Motif #1. This cookie traveled with me to Kentucky and back, and I wanted to share it with you for the virtual Motif #1 Day. Be well!
Bridget Demaine-Ekstrom
Sugar Buff Bake Shop