2021 Motif No. 1 Day Poster


Be a part of saving Motif No. 1 Day! Proceeds support the volunteer-led community work of Rockport Exchange.

About the poster

The 2021 poster artist and designer is Darren Mason. Darren has been always been a crucial part of the work of Rockport Exchange, going all the way back to when we were an ad hoc group of enthusiastic and willing Rockporters, ready to contribute to building community in our corner of the world. Darren has generously given countless (literally, countless) hours to Rockport Exchange. In many ways he reflects the spirit we strive for: an upbeat, positive, hardworking presence.  So it is fitting that Darren design our series of posters (both 2020 and 2021) during these hard years. He brings his positive spirit to this difficult time.

where to purchase

Order online or in-person at the following businesses, who have generously agreed to partner with us by offering the 2021 poster for sale:

The Paper Mermaid, John Tarr Store, Bullseye Books-Flyboys, Tuck’s Candy & Gifts, Seaside Boutique and Beads, Sea and Cellar, Floating Lotus, Wicked Peacock, Love Strut Boutique, Susie’s Stories, Nature’s Body Art, Esmeralda’s, Bearskin Neck Leathers, Katie’s Gift Shop, The Dove, James Russell Goldsmiths, Lula’s Pantry, Coast and Country Boutique, The Last Resort

Many thanks to these supporting businesses!

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