M1D Fest Archives

More to come on this page. Enjoy photos and memories of festivals past. 


Original art has long been created and during Motif No. 1 Day, but one of our favorite expressions of the Motif in art comes from our friends at iartcolony gallery.  In 2015, artists and curators Bob & Jill Armstrong created an incredible show that reimagined the Motif in multiple ways. It was a vibrant, exciting show — which is always the case at iartcolony gallery. Click the image below for more and follow iartcolony on Facebook for a retrospective of the 2015 show and to see what’s next: 



Here is a 3-part film of historian and artist Les Bartlett talking about the significance of the Motif and the history of Motif No. 1 Day.

Part 1:

Part 2: 

Part 3: