Red Shed Film Fest

2017 Festival Information 

April 25, 2017 FROM 7 to 9pm
Shalin liu performance center in rockport, massachusetts
tickets: $10 (proceeds support the arts programming of the nonprofit Rockport exchange)


About the Festival

The Red Shed Film Fest is a celebration of local and global filmmaking via a selected series of short films. Mixing genres, the entries span narrative, documentary, and short episodic pilots and established series. The film fest covers a range of topics thematically, and is suitable for mature audiences. The film fest is part of the M1D festival in May which celebrates Rockport across the arts.

About the 2017 Program

The 2017 Red Shed Film Festival will feature 10 short narrative movies selected using the online submission platform FilmFreeway. This strategy makes Red Shed more visible to filmmakers and opens possibilities for what can screen. The goal this year is to present 10 movies from the 243 total submissions that achieve the best visual storytelling and production values. In short, the goal is to program the best cinema possible. Do these movies achieve that? You be the judge, but know that a filmmaking venture is a challenge in all ways including: creatively, technically, and financially.

For the filmmaker and everyone involved in the production of a small movie, to be able to have that finished product and know that it can be seen gives a great sense of accomplishment. It should be no surprise that those 243 entries came from anyone and everyone with a finished movie. With one screening category this year, the 10 featured entries can be described in a range of ways: poignant, melodramatic, contemplative, psychedelic, innocent, sensual, procedural, ridiculous, to name a few… It is this mélange that should be surprising and entertaining, and if this year’s program is also thought-provoking, then certainly that is a bonus.

If people attending Red Shed Film Festival can leave at the end with their appreciation for cinema sustained, or preferably made greater, then that will be success. I hope to see you there; be sure to stay until the end for the announcement of the Best Picture and Audience Choice awards!

Henry Cooper, Red Shed Film Fest Programming Coordinator

The 2017 RSFF Films

Autumn Leaves
is a vignette about a little girl’s perspective as she picks a pomegranate, runs home to get her books, and frolics her way to school.

follows the turbulent journey and downward spiral of a young Californian couple, Jack and Alex. When one decision could drastically change their future, will they make the right choice?

Final Cut
She was not just a hairdresser. He was not just another customer.

Green House
The Coffmans are desperate to win their bid for residency in a new, environmentally friendly condo. Putting their best face forward, they work to convince a jaded government auditor that their lifestyle makes them worthy of acceptance. But when another couple vies for the same home, a battle for environmental superiority begins.

Marvelous Losers
7 unlucky actors get together in a park to take part in a poetry night. Each of them has their own life drama, but they have one thing in common – they all have lost faith in themselves. As the time drags on, they clash and get desperate, when the Mysterious Listener appears…

No Room to Live
Two thieves worry they have been discovered by a motel clerk and his sidekick.

A love-torn soul takes a liquid trip toward clarity.

Powerful mob boss Don Bontate finds out his wife and brother are having an affair, and plants the seeds of justice and vengeance.

The Root Cellar
While investigating a deadly house fire, a Police Chief and Detective try to get answers from a mysterious man who was found in a cellar under the rubble.

There Was a Place
Carlos has lived estranged from his family for years, far away from the place near the sea where he was raised. With news of a death in the family, Carlos returns to face a part of his past that seemed lost.

2016 Festival Info:


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